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Keep it real. Keep it pure. Enjoy maple.


The TripleT Family

Triple T Mapleworks is family-owned and operated in Shoreham, Vermont. This sugarhouse was in our family and processing sap almost 100 years ago.

Our maple syrup is produced in small batches with special care to ensure you receive only the highest quality products. We produce our maple syrup by boiling the maple sap collected from maple trees. We collect this sap in early spring during March and April when the daytime temperature rises above freezing to allow the sap to flow and the nighttime temperature drops below freezing, "charging" the trees for the next day.

Please stop by and check out our operation and purchase some of the best Vermont Maple Syrup and Maple Cream in the area. Hope to see you soon!


Michael Burns & Michelle Matot - Owners

Taylor, Tanner, and Taryn - THE Triple T




Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Our maple syrup is certified as the best Vermont has to offer.


Pour Vermont maple syrup over pancakes, waffles, French toast, ice cream, or use your imagination to add a touch of maple to almost anything. 

Gallon: $45
1/2 Gallon: $25
Quart: $15
Pint: $8

Pure Maple Cream

Also known as maple butter, pure maple cream is 100% pure maple. We hand select only the finest grade fancy maple syrup to make into maple cream.


It is a wonderful spread for just about anything, including toast, muffins, pancakes, and our favorite, peanut butter and maple cream sandwiches!

1 Ib tub: $12
1/2 lb tub: $7

Maple Grades

The only differences in the grades of maple syrup are their color and taste. Syrup made from sap collected early in the season has a lighter color, while syrup made later in the season, when the weather is warmer, is darker. The darker the syrup, the stronger the flavor.


Here’s a guide to the four maple syrup grades:

Grade A | Golden Color and Delicate Taste

Grade A | Amber Color and Rich Flavor

Grade A | Dark Color and Robust Flavor

Grade A | Very Dark and Strong Flavor


Visit the Sugarhouse

Tel: 802.989-8133  |  Email:
Address: 3113 Richville Road - Whiting, Vermont 05778

Contact us directly to order or pickup our products!

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